Debt Transfer Loan or Consumer Loan

On the one hand increasing every month with a new installment credit card statement the debt, on the other hand, the ongoing credit payments and June, with tax brackets plus in saying net income began to fall under the influence, credit cards and loans for a large portion of users “these debts merged if I also installments declined,” the trouble starts.

In the past years, banks introduced us to the debt transfer loan, which has experienced this problem. In this type of loan, the loan and credit card debts desired to be closed were listed during the loan application, and when the bank approved the loan, it was sending the new loan amount to the existing open credit and credit cards and closing the loan.

Debt transfer loan is essentially a consumer loan.

Debt transfer loan is essentially a consumer loan.

The difference is to use loans without increasing the current risk of the consumer on the bank side, and to reduce the monthly payment in a single installment instead of a new installment on the customer side . Although the loan disbursement of the debt transfer loan is more troublesome on the bank side, the banks are not very complaining due to the transaction fees they receive.

Are debt transfer loans more risky for the bank or more likely to be unpaid?

Are debt transfer loans more risky for the bank or more likely to be unpaid?

We know that there is no overall difference in debt transfer loan and consumer loan assessment. In other words, people with delayed / follow-up debts receive rejection response in both, and those with regular income and debt payments can get this loan more easily.

Why can’t I find a loan called “Debt Transfer Loan” right now?

Why can

When the risk was similar and the loan pricing was similar, the banks gave up using the name of “debt transfer loan” a while ago instead of paying for the cost of campaign and advertisement separately.

Debt payment in consumer loans was redefined as “reason for application”; In other words, debt transfer loans were added to consumer loans. Those who want to transfer their debt are now applying the most appropriate interest loan for the amount that will cover their debt in the long term.

If you want to combine your debts and close your credit card debts including future installments, we recommend you to take a look at the 60-month loans.


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